Power up your server with AI

Explore the AI frontier with NPCs that can talk back to your players
Create incredible interactive stories for your players to enjoy!
This product has limited licenses available. Always check for availability.

GPT LLM 3.5t/4.0 3.5t/4.0
Voice Synthesis
Player Relationship Builder
Custom Actions
Attack Players
Arrest Players
Long Term Memory
Injured Memory
Enemy Spotted Memory
Character Builder
Rank Recognition
Temporary NPCs
Permanent NPCs
Persistent NPCs
Unit Master Included
Continue Patrolling
Join Player Squad
Join Player Squad
Lead NPC Squad
Recruit NPCs to Squad
Integration Support
Lua Source Code
Relay Source Code
Relay Setup Support
Service Fee $5.00/m Self Hosted
Package Cost $49.99 $99.99
All packages require OpenAI license, For voice synthesis an ElevenLabs license is required. OpenAI is extremely reasonably priced.
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